Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Call for Capital? 

Answer: The Call for Capital is the biennial request that universities collect from the campus community for improvements to the university. Capital requests fit within two categories of Academic and Auxiliary. The Academic capital requests (such as request for new academic buildings) are submitted to the State of Washington through OFM (Office of Financial Management) for approval of funding. Auxiliary capital requests (like residence hall renovation or athletic upgrades) are funded internally from resources like student fees.

Question: Why is CWU using IdeaScale?

Answer: During the call for capital, ideas can become buried or lost in current verbal and electronic communication methods, such as email. This tool will capture ideas and enable community members to vote on them, thus allowing the management of capital submissions to be transparent and remain in a historical database of ideas.

Question: How long will the IdeaScale Call for Capital campaign be available?

Answer: The Call for Capital campaign begins December 2, 2019 and will run through winter/spring of 2020.

Question: What kind of ideas are you looking for?

Answer: We are looking for large or small scale capital projects aligned with the university mission and capital master plan.

Question: I submitted my idea, what happens next?

Answer: Please review, vote on, or comment on other ideas collected during the Ideate stage. Qualified ideas will be moved to the next stage, the Selection phase, so they may be given a rating by the community.

Question: How do I know if my idea is qualified for the Selection stage?

Answer: Ideas are qualified based on the number of votes from members and its relevance to the capital master plan.

Question: If an idea is the top voted and top rated, does that mean it will automatically be included in the 2021-2023 biennia capital submission?

Answer: No. Final submissions for capital are influenced and aligned with the legislative climate to maximize success of receiving funding.

Question: Will the results of voting and rating be published?

Answer: Yes. They will be available at and also be visible in IdeaScale.

Question: If my idea gets chosen for capital submissions, do I get to choose the building name? 

Answer: No. Building names are chosen through a procedure that involves stakeholders of the building.

Question: How long does it take to build a capital project?

Answer: Capital requests funded by the Office of Financial Management are allocated over a minimum of three 2-year budget cycles. The first is for pre-design with an external consultant, the second is for design development, and the third budget cycle is for construction execution. The project is completed after funding is allocated from the third budget cycle.

Question: I submitted my idea / commented / rated an idea, but I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Answer: Please visit You can also contact the capital team by emailing or calling 509-963-1856.